Pre Travel Setup & Hodge Close, Cumbria

One of the first travels began with our Toyota Lucida. You wouldn’t call it a campervan but perhaps a people carrier. When we bought the Lucida my dad helped us create a bed platform in the back. We took all the seats out as we didn’t need them and created a bed platform with storage space underneath. The vehicle was really good for size, for parking, for petrol costs and everything but we did find that it drove us bloody Read more…

Riki Buckingham

Writer, Healer, Empath & Musician

Riki Buckingham has been writing music for many years and in the last few years due to much growth, healing and understanding moved into a more spiritual direction bringing awareness to many subjects such as addictions, healing, soul-retrieval, breath-work and using music as a tool to help awaken others to who they truly are.