The spiritual and real reasons why I decided to travel through Europe on Bicycle

(Note: Video at the bottom of this post with full over an hour long audio podcast!) I decided to go for a few various reasons and already have learnt what I needed to to some degree which is good. I now realise security, stability, love and partnership with a view to children and family is what’s needed next, not to mention music 🙂 Comming out here has given one the clarity to discernment to gauge what truly matters in life Read more…

2018, Bulgaria quick trip then back to England

Bulgaria!!! This trip we went with Katy’s mum, then after a week we split on an quick weeks trip across Bulgaria, I like Bulgaria!   The next images are from the week we parted ways and Carole went back to England and we carried on traveling from one side of Bulgaria to the other.     We decided to Hitch next…     A couple of Video’s of us In the wild in Bulgaria             Read more…

2017, The Azores Islands, Ponta Delgada, Portugal

The Azores, a place I had always wanted to try out and well flights were cheap so of we went to wild camp for a while. We went at a time when it was getting a bit cooler there in october. The images are not so exiting this time but perhaps Ill find some more in the archives some time, I think my LG phone died which is why there is a lack of photos.           Thats all Read more…

We start off with a Train Ride, to where I don't remember

2017, Sri Lanka! Tropical life and Safari

Here we go then, this should be fun!  Sri Lanka!!!! So we thought we would do it too 🙂     Katy even shot a video to show how happy I was     Let’s just let the images speak for themselves a bit.       Spot on photo’s from katy, truly…   Well thankyou for the gift of Sri Lanka, it certainly did not feel like home for me but I very much appreciate the experience.

As the islands had such steep terrain the use of farming land was quite interesting

2016, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Having been bitten by the need to get out of England every winter we decided to go this time to Gran Canaria!   The following two photo’s are taken from another website to show just how amazing this spot was, lets just say it was very high up, the bus rides were freaky but the nature was beautiful.   Then! we went back to England, lets see how that looks….   Maybe that’s why I purchased this Caribbean album by Read more…

Flight to the island of Crete

2016, Crete, Greece – Green healing and revelations! Breaking free of the Matrix

On our flight to Crete we had some of the best cloud views ever! … or was that the flight to Gran Canaria, both were simply amazing. While I don’t really love flying, I do love that feeling up there above the clouds. Just had to show those pictures as they leave one feeling inspired and creative, at-least being the one flying does!   Off the plane into the wild and a dry world awaited us but not without some Read more…

2016, Uk two Vanlife, Van to Campervan conversion and Avebury

Well here is the Iveco van we spent hours working on, insulating and getting livable after deciding that traveling on foot was a bit much and lets try to live in a van and see how that works. Warning: LOTS of photos on this page!         Around this time katy’s brother had a wedding and so we got all dressed up of coarse.   The VAN! Here are the images of us getting the van insulated, this Read more…

2016, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain in January

Our time on Tenerife has definitely effected us in a good way and brings back some memories, the dry landscape in the beginning was very welcomed, yet by the end of the month wild camping the climates dryness had got to us, here we have some great photo’s albeit a bit jumbled in order.                 I think looking back, this island was a bit hot for us and if we could have gone Read more…

2015, Spain, Mino & A Coruna

Mino was a very interesting little place with plenty of space and nature outside   I decided to get creative while katy decided to relax in the sand I decided to let the inner child play Katy are you ok ? lol     The satisfaction of watching your loved one enjoy the sea and sand 🙂 A Coruna

Riki Buckingham

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Riki Buckingham has been writing music for many years and in the last few years due to much growth, healing and understanding moved into a more spiritual direction bringing awareness to many subjects such as addictions, healing, soul-retrieval, breath-work and using music as a tool to help awaken others to who they truly are.