Riki Buckingham is a man of many interests, hobbies and passions.

He started traveling a few years ago with his partner at the time Kathrin Atkinson, after nearly dying in Peru at an Ayahushca ceremony (Its true!) we came back to Europe and begun traveling with big bags and lots of weight, living in a tent every night which soon became a way of life and every year we wanted to get away when we could feel the winter chill coming on.
I would say that there was a definet reason for getting out into the wild rather than it being just running away, on a spiritual level the energy and inspiration of nature would remind and connect us again to what truly matters and rekindle the connection to our soul. This to us was a healthy way of living far removed from the mundane and stagnant energy of modern living!
so we started our wild camping travels around England

Wild camping around Cornwall, UK September 2014



Southampton, Hastings, Cheltenham UK Test Run July 2015


2015, Wales then Dover onto Calais France



2015, France, Mont De Marson, Bayone & Baritz then Barcelona, Spain!


2015, Spain, Girona Wild Camping


The folowing photos are from when we met will from York, England.  I began to busk at this time in Girona 2015 and it was going fairly well for a begginer!
Solar Panel and Socks

Solar Panel and Socks


2015, Valencia to Barcelona to Olot



I think it was around this time we had gotten fed up of getting bitten in the day and at night in our tent, we decided to make for north west spain!

2015, Spain, Gijon, beautiful green Spain


2015, Spain, Mino & A Coruna



2015, Spain, Ferrol wild camping around Galicia then back to Barcelona



2016, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain in January



2016, Uk two Vanlife, Van to Campervan conversion and Avebury

We then got suckered in to getting a van, it was a great van! we put HOURS of work into it! definetly worth checking the writeup if you are wanting to convert a van



2016, Crete, Greece – Green healing and revelations! Breaking free of the Matrix

On crete we did some amazing healing work on one of the nights which will stay with me forever!



2016, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain



2017, Sri Lanka! Tropical life and Safari



2017, The Azores Islands, Ponta Delgada, Portugal

My phone got water damage in the Azores so we lost lots of photo’s!





2018, Bulgaria quick trip then back to England



In 2018 we settled in a static caravan in Dorset in order to put plans together and for me to record an album! looking back im not sure if this was the best idea as we got caught in England and with debts to pay!

In 2019 our relationship ended abruptly and we went our seperate ways, I decided that instead of let the eleven year relationships ending break me that I would get out there and start busking on the streets and travel in my tent solo!
As a musician Riki writes emotionaly moving and spiritualy uplifting music with its roots in soul, funk, blues and classic Rock
check the website and current projects below!
Here is a current list of projects and websites that Riki is working on!


Riki Buckingham:

The website for the music created by Riki Buckingham (aka Rixsta) from 1999 till now! inluding music from various other guests, bands and projects.



Awakening Earth

Awakening Earth:

A Directory of Communities, all focused around Spirituality and Planetary Evolution
with a blog focusing on many topics from Spirituality, to Travel



Radiant Vitality:

A path to feeling full of life and Radiant energy, topics covering, healing, soul retrieval, breath-work and Healthy food.

Here I offer assistance and donation based soul guidance/healing for those wanting to break free of limitations.



Nomadic Souls :

A spiritual and heart focused travel blog, The Journey from the insanity of the modern world, back to a place of truth and soul.



Transference Records:

A record company collaboration by Mike Puskas and myself, focused on concious and spiritual focused music/podcasts.