One of the first travels began with our Toyota Lucida. You wouldn’t call it a campervan but perhaps a people carrier.

When we bought the Lucida my dad helped us create a bed platform in the back. We took all the seats out as we didn’t need them and created a bed platform with storage space underneath.

The vehicle was really good for size, for parking, for petrol costs and everything but we did find that it drove us bloody crazy not having much head room when we slept in it!

It also had a sunroof and I think they called it a moon roof as well. That was really nice to be able to see the sky as you slept, that was very good and we put some little solar panels on the vehicle as well, but as I said before, the lack of headroom just made us both feel way too suffocated.

We took her up into the lake district in Cumbria, went to Castlerig stone circle and watched a beautiful sunrise there. We felt very protected near the circle. We also went to Tibethwaite and Katy swam in the river/gill there, which was beautiful but freezing!!

soon we left to check out the lake district!


Hodge Close

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Katy · 21st April 2019 at 2:30 pm

Aww thanks Rik 🙂

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